Flotation (DAF)

With flotation, also referred to as Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), the ascending ability of suspended solids is increased by adhering microscopic air bubbles to them. This results in a floating layer that can easily be removed.
Marel Water Treatment offers two different types of flotation units that can both be equipped with a bottom auger for automated sediment removal:

The DAFINCI series

The DAFINCI is a low-maintenance unit that generates an extremely dry sludge (floating) layer, and it is suitable for highly polluted and/or greasy water. The standard installations have a capacity of up to 315 m3/hour (1.050 GPM).

Flotation units

The FH series

The FH series is characterised by a large capacity in a compact unit.
They are available with a capacity of up to 565 m3/hour (2.500 GPM).

In both the FH series and the DAFINCI series, microscopic air bubbles are created by depressurising the air-saturated water from 4-6 Bar down to atmospheric pressure in the flotation tank. To this end, first a part of the treated water from the flotation tank will be pressurised in a pressure vessel or by using a recirculation pump. The saturated water will then be returned to the bottom of the DAF unit. The difference in pressure creates the desired micro air bubbles.