Company profile

Marel Water Treatment, formerly known as Aqua Industrial Water Treatment, is a specialist in the treatment of industrial wastewater, mainly in the red meat, poultry, dairy and fish industries. In addition, Marel Water Treatment has realized several projects in industries such as the textile and rendering industry.

Marel Water Treatment is a global company that designs, manufactures and installs applications for the treatment of industrial wastewater. The treatment, separation and de-watering of sludge also form part of the core activities. Any degree of water treatment is possible, up to process water.

The composition of wastewater varies greatly. The degree of pollution depends on the industry and the production process used. Since any form of wastewater has its own specific properties, Marel Water Treatment has specialized in water treatment solutions for the food manufacturing industry. We supply water treatment plants worldwide, from Russia to Argentina and from Canada to Australia.

At Marel Water Treatment, producers from the food industry are assured of technology that specifically focuses on their production process. Because it also applies to industrial water treatment systems that tailored solutions are best. The Marel Water Treatment systems are efficient, easy to use and characterized by low maintenance.

Marel Water Treatment is a part of Marel.

A clear vision on water treatment