Activated sludge-water separation

For the final step in the biological treatment of wastewater, the separation of bacteria from the purified water, Marel Water Treatment disposes of three different systems:


Marel’s MBR – BioBrane® – filtration system.
BioBrane® is a compact system that works with high sludge concentrations. Since high concentrations of bacteria are used, the system can be built more compact. In addition, a very high-quality effluent is obtained by the filtering action of the membranes.


Marel’s BioFlot® system separates bacterial colonies and can maintain high bacteria concentrations so that small basins will suffice. BioFlot® is virtually insensitive to filamentous bacteria and therefore ideal for wastewater with largely dissolved pollution. Like in the dairy industry, beverage industry and breweries and in potato, vegetable and fruit processing. The advantage of this system is the higher dry matter percentage of the separated sludge, reducing disposal costs.


Bacteria can also be separated by sedimentation. The sedimentation separation can be applied in the aeration tank: Marel’s SBR system BioArt®, or a separate clarifier: Marel’s BioClar®.

MPS-AQUA---secondary-water-treatment---Effluent-separation - BioFlot

Effluent-separation – BioFlot